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The importance of daily prayer cannot be overstated.  At St Agnes’ we are fortunate to have many people who are daily prayers: that is, they pray daily!  They undertake the special task of praying for everyone in our parish, whatever their hopes and dreams, anxieties or disappointments. They pray for our society, our country, and our world, in faith and hope that God’s will may lead to a better, fairer, more just life for everyone.

In addition to their private, individual intentions, they place before God the needs of all in our parish, those whose faith is wayward, whose lives are difficult, or who find themselves so busy with other commitments such as work and family that there is sometimes no time left to give to God.  

Each week the intercessions from Mass are available for all to pray during the week, and sometimes ‘special’ intentions are stated on the newsletter.  Many other resources including “Wednesday word” are available via links on our website.

Also, under the worship tab can be found many of the great prayers of the Church which have great meaning and significance for many since childhood.

Let us pray.

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