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St Agnes’ parish is a genuinely inclusive and welcoming community of worship. Everyone is invited to participate fully in the life of our church in whatever way their talents, interests and time allow. This may be in some capacity as a volunteer – we are always looking for new recruits for certain tasks; or there may be some special initiative or skill which you might offer to enhance the repertoire of our (already versatile) community.  Just chat to any member of the parish council and s/he should be able you to guide you in what to do next.

This includes willingness to read at Mass, be a Eucharistic minister, join the altar serving team, lead the children’s liturgy, support and/or help organise social/fundraising events, clean the church, visit the housebound, provide transport for someone who finds it difficult to get to church, arrange flowers, count collections, contribute to lay-led liturgy, to name but a few ways that your talent could find expression at St Agnes’.

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